Spend an afternoon in the No.9 Eco-Garden.

Our menu this year is based off our highly successful “Oxbow Platter” from 2014. We will offer a variation of platters that incorporate meat, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, fresh bread, and homemade spreads. We will have vegetarian and gluten free options. Ice Cream bars for kids, and Beer for adults.

12 oz $7/600ml Bottle $10:

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Wine 6oz $8

Non Alcoholic 

Elderflower Water
Ice Tea

No.9’s Kitchen sources fresh, and local food products from the Brick Works Farmer’s Market, The Big Carrot, and Dough on the Danforth. We also incorporate herbs, flowers, and vegetables from on-site Bowery Project Gardens into each meal.

Heritage Fact: Our “Oxbow” platter is named after a body of water on site that was once a bend in the mighty Don River.