LABSPACE STUDIO (John Loerchner & Laura Mendes)

John Loerchner & Laura Mendes have been collaborating for nearly eight years under the Labspace Studio banner. Their art projects and curatorial initiatives are often site-specific and participatory in nature, blurring the lines between art and life, incorporating elements of performance, installation, multimedia and user generated content.

2014 projects include commissions for The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair, Art of the Danforth, Art in Transit, Harbourfront Centre, No.9 Contemporary Art & The Environment, Art Souterrain & Nuit Blanche (Toronto and Montreal). Their work has received national & international media coverage.

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Don Was Here

Labspace Studio has been commissioned to create an outreach project for the Eco-Art-Fest that will engage the local community and generate conversation about the Don Valley, Todmorden Mills, and the Eco-Art-Fest. Don Was Here is a meandering public installation that retraces the original “lost pathway” of the Don River and leads passersby on an experiential journey to Todmorden Mills — Toronto’s first industrial community. Marked along the Lower Don Trail in locations where the original river route crosses the existing pathway, Don Was Here encourages pedestrians to stop, reflect and consider the historical significance of the Don River.

In conjunction with this project, Don River Historian Jennifer Bonnell and “Lost River Walks” founder Helen Mills will each lead a walking tour along the Lower Don Trail. Tours will explore the changing face of Toronto’s Don River Valley and the relationship between the river, the valley, and the city that developed alongside and around it.

Visit to view an interactive map of the original Don River and to post photos of your walk along the Lower Don Trail.

To pre-register for a Don Was Here Walking Tour please e-mail Laura Mendes at