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Art Train Conductor No.9
A Public Art Exhibition Bringing Awareness
& Agency to Environmental Issues

june 26 - December 1, 2012, Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

Art Train Con­ductor No.9 is a moving-mobile-public-art-project exis­t­ing as vi­su­al design on the surface of a GO Train car, with an accompa­nying smart phone application: tetAtet. Commis­sioned by No.9: Con­temporary Art and the Envi­ron­ment and cre­ated by mul­ti-disciplinary artists Jennifer Marman and Daniel Bor­ins, this project brings awareness to issues and opportunities relating to mobility, public trans­portation, urban planning, and sustainability in the greater Toronto and Hamilton area. The app pro­vides a free on­line public fo­rum for the discus­sion of these important envi­ron­mental issues.

Art Train Con­ductor No.9 includes a dynam­ic ex­te­rior and in­te­rior surface-wrapped GO train car. The design of the train-wrap refers to artis­tic abstraction, and cam­ouflage in the nat­ural world, as well as cam­ouflage in the histor­ical military sense, that of dazzle paint­ing — and the role that pat­tern and abstraction play as a form of pro­tecting, hiding, and cloaking explicit re­ality. With­in a con­temporary con­text, these vi­su­al styles take on the form of a dig­ital vi­su­al language, and symbol­ize a re­ality that is aug­mented through virtual space.

The tetAtet touch-based app is integrated with the vi­su­al style of the train wrap and functions as an entertain­ing fo­rum for debate. Through an integrated Twitter feed, GO rid­ers will be able to respond to issues raised in a col­lection of video clips fea­tur­ing a cross section of di­verse and informed individuals from the Toronto area and be­yond speaking exclusively with­in the tetAtet fo­rum. The video seg­ments focus on subjects such as intelligent urban planning, strengthening the public voic­es of individual cit­i­zens, envi­ron­mental concerns, mobility, sustainable living, and building sustainable cities. What is exciting about this project is that a public ser­vice for mobility has now also become a fo­rum for public debate.

To download the APP go to:

Visit the Art Train website.

No.9 would like to thank the following for their contribution to Art Train Conductor No.9 project

Margaret Atwood, Gil Penalosa, Corinne Erni, Andrew Heintzman, Geoff Cape, Andrew Clement, Fred Eisenberger, Eric Miller, Gary Berman, Mitzie Hunter, David Foot, Lisa Rochon, Bruce Kuwabara, Michael McMahon, Tonya Surman, Shawn Micallef, Jim Milway, Sheldon Leiba, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Cara Said, Ariel Estulin, Ken Ogawa, Leslie Partridge, Joseph Ferenbok, Steve Szigeti, Sandra Danilovic, Cassandra Silver, Andy Keenan, Matt Bouchard, Gabby Resch, Dina Graser, Mike Cyr, Stephanie Trendocher, Nancy Pogue, Amee Lee, Sarah Dinn, Marc Nadeau, David Bowick, John Norman, Peter Hendrickson, Helene Clarkson, Ted Willcocks, Francisca Quinn, Chris Carradine, Andrei Vasili, Ed Video Guelph.

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Download the Art Train Conductor No.9 press kit:

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