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education: Imagining My Sustainable City
Appreciating Place and
Envisioning a Future Toronto

In­spired by the special places and unique char­ac­ter of Toronto's di­verse communities, No.9, in collab­oration with the TDSB, is introduc­ing one Grade 7 or 8 class in each of Toronto's 44 Wards to a four day sustainable urban planning and ar­chi­tectural design program.

Students and their teach­ers work with two pro­fes­sion­al ar­chi­tectural ed­ucators to cre­ate sustainable urban design and ar­chi­tectural projects. With the as­sistance of these pro­fes­sion­als, students study the compo­nents of a city by go­ing on a neighbour­hood walk to observe and doc­u­ment the exis­t­ing trans­portation systems, waste man­age­ment systems, building types, green spaces, wa­ter man­age­ment and energy use in their own communities. In the first phase of the program the students are introduced to ways that make a city more sustainable and devel­op an urban plan for their neighbour­hood. The urban plan that is cre­ated informs the type of ar­chi­tectural design solutions the students explore in the sec­ond phase of the program. These explorations include cre­ating sustainable hous­ing or recre­ation ar­eas, cre­ating better streets for pede­s­trians and bike rid­ers and pro­viding better access to public trans­portation and locally grown foods.

Students draw up their ideas and partic­ipate in building a collab­orative scale model incorporating their design solutions into their cho­sen site. Photog­raphy, writing, collab­orative brainstorm­ing and oral presentations fur­ther as­sist to artic­ulate the students' vi­sions.

The goal of this project is to collab­orate with the Toronto Dis­trict School Board and its teach­ers to infuse the re­al world in­ter­disciplinary as­pects of the ar­chi­tectural pro­fes­sion with the required Grade 7 curriculum and pro­viding additional eco-lit­eracy learning in the class­room.

This program culminates in a display of student works in a public exhi­bi­tion each spring at Evergreen Brickworks. Col­lectively, the students' vi­sions for their sustainable fu­ture of Toronto lead into discus­sions of civic en­gage­ment, governance and living a sustainable lifestyle.

Dixon Grove Junior Middle School student Parveen appeared on CBC's Metro Morning with Matt Galloway on May 29th.
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Imagining My Sustainable City map of participating schools.