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2007 - 2017

It’s been 10 years since our first public art in­stallation at the Toronto International Art Fair in 2007. Since then, No.9 has produced 30 major public art projects, mul­ti­ple public art exhi­bi­tions and a mul­ti-year out­door art fes­tival. We have done this work to fulfill our mission of bring­ing the power of art and design to bare on some of our most press­ing envi­ron­mental issues. Issues like wa­ter man­age­ment, waste man­age­ment, animal habi­tat, nat­ural resource extraction, food production, public trans­portation, public space and cli­mate change. These projects would not have been pos­sible with­out the amazing efforts of the ta­l­ented artists, curators and designers that we have had the pleasure to collab­orate with. Since our inception we have had the opportunity to work with over 50 vi­su­al artists, 10 curators and 13 designers to pro­vide cre­ative free art expe­ri­ences for millions of people.

Our desire to connect and work with the next generation of cre­ative leaders led us to devel­op the ed­ucational program Imag­ining My Sustainable City in 2011. We be­lieve that the key to driv­ing the new green econ­o­my forward is to pro­vide our youth with the nec­essary tools to design and build sustainable communities. With this vi­sion in mind, No.9 has de­liv­ered this four day program to more than 3,000 grade 7/8 students in four different cities in North America. The students’ enthu­siasm and commit­ment has been in­spirational and today our goal is to offer the program across the country. We will do this in collab­oration with our partners and vol­unteers, so that through ed­ucation we can transform the way we design and build our communities. Building sustainable communities across the country and around the world is an ef­fective strategy to reduce carbon emis­sions cre­ating new jobs, devel­op­ing a green econ­o­my and combat­ing the effects of cli­mate change.

As we con­tinue to evolve at No.9, the orga­ni­zation keeps growing. Our vi­sion has broadened, as well as our fields of action, through art, ed­ucation, and ar­chi­tec­ture, we will con­tinue to produce projects that promote and support­ a cul­ture of sustainability.

Andrew Davies
Executive director

No 9 BOOK 2017

10 years of Public Art projects have been gathered. Discover or rediscover the installations and the art works