215 Spadina Avenue
Centre for Social Innovation, Suite 414
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 2C7
(416) 644-1019

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No.9 is committed to the be­lief that con­temporary art can stim­ulate pos­itive social and envi­ron­­mental change. We are an art orga­ni­zation that pro­­vides artists who address these concerns with the opportunity to make am­bi­tious work in the public re­alm. No.9 brings the power of art to bear on some of the most press­ing issues of our time, us­ing urban public space as a fo­rum for exhil­­a­rating cre­ativ­ity and vital discus­­sion.

No.9 will pro­­vide a wide va­ri­ety of ed­ucation programmes and events to expand on the ideas behind our public projects, such as artist talks, film presentations, ed­ucation programmes, and mul­ti-disciplinary symposia. In collab­oration with our artists' projects, these programmes will make our au­di­ences more aware of their envi­ron­­ment, the impact they have on it and the opportunities for local and glob­al change.