Imagining My Sustainable
Community in action

Imagining My Sustainable City has evolved into Imagining My Sustainable Community. This shift allows the program to expand its focus and be more inclusive. It provides the opportunity to engage youth in the discussion around Northern and Indigenous communities and takes into account many different ways of living. By using the word community, youth from urban, rural or northern communities can see themselves in this program.

One of our success stories comes from Hamilton, Ontario, where Imagining My Sustainable Community is already at work. We are currently building on students’ ideas by creating architectural drawings and display boards along with a master plan that the school can use for fundraising.

Taking the Imagining My Sustainable Community program one step further, we have priced and rendered the students creations so that they can launch crowd funding campaigns to raise the funds to realize their designs as an integral part of the school community.

Alexis is now watching her ‘ring bench’ design come to life.

Students demonstrated a deeper understanding of concepts through hands-on learning compared to those taught by traditional methods (Riskowski, J.L., Todd, C.D., Wee, B., Dark, M., & Harbor, J. (2009). “Exploring the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary water resources engineering module in an eighth grade science course” (PDF). International Journal of Engineering Education, 25(1), p.181.”

Research shows that hands-on learning is an effective way to teach students science.

Confidence from hands on learning leads to students continuing in that field of study: A 2014 report found that girls who participate in maker programs develop stronger interest and skills in computer science and engineering. By engaging in making, girls can gain the skills, knowledge, confidence, and self-efficacy necessary for a successful career in STEM. (Wittemyer, R., McAllister, B., Faulkner, S., McClard, A., & Gill K. (2014). MakeHers: Engaging Girls and Women in Technology Through Making, Creating, and Inventing)