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No.9 and CAF Educational Exchange Collaboration
Imagining My Sustainable City:
Appreciating Place and Envisioning a Future Chicago

Imag­ining My Sustainable City is a 5 day intensive program that introduces students from grade 7-12 to sustainable urban planning and ar­chi­tec­ture. To date Imag­ining My Sustainable City has reached over 1500 students in the city or Toronto. This is the sec­ond year teach­ing in partner­ship with the Chicago Ar­chi­tec­ture Foundation working with Chicago youth to imag­ine their fu­ture sustainable city.

No.9's ar­chi­tectural ed­ucator be­gin each 5 day workshop with an introduction to sustainable urban planning. Students then vis­it a spe­cif­ic site in their neighbour­hood and come up with a list of ar­chi­tectural programs that they feel would enhance this site. On day 2 each student becomes an ar­chi­tect and is as­signed a spe­cif­ic program. Students then devel­op their own ideas in drawing form. On the third and fourth days, the students build a scale model of their design while working collab­oratively to en­sure that their designs work togeth­er to cre­ate a cohesive vi­sion for their fu­ture neighbour­hood. On the final day, students present their projects to their peers and vis­iting experts.

The project's goal is to infuse the re­al world in­ter­disciplinary as­pects of the ar­chi­tectural pro­fes­sion with the 7th - 12th grade core aca­dem­ic curriculum, while giving youth the tools they need to be agents for change in their communities. Col­lectively, the students' vi­sion for their sustainable city lead to discus­sions of civic en­gage­ment, governance and living a sustainable lifestyle..

No.9: Contemporary Art & the Environment:
No.9 is an arts organization that uses art and design to bring awareness to environmental concerns. We deliver programs in schools and in the public domain designed to encourage the use of creative thinking to resolve environmental issues and to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Chicago Architecture Foundation:
The Chicago Architecture Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring people to discover why design matters. The Chicago Architecture Foundation presents a comprehensive program of tours, exhibitions, lectures, special events and youth education activities, all designed to enhance the public’s awareness and appreciation of Chicago’s outstanding architectural legacy.