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Karin Bubaš:
Manifestations of Nature, Selections from “Colour Field”

December 15th, 2012 - June 1, 2013

Karin Bubaš is a Cana­dian artist born in North Vancouver. Her early photo­graphic work began indoors, doc­u­ment­ing mun­dane objects and envi­ron­ments. These im­ages explored the ability of the still-life to convey char­ac­ter­is­tics of its owner, and the atmo­sphere cre­ated by such objects in their idle state. In re­cent years her focus has moved out­doors. Us­ing idyllic Vancouver landscapes as a backdrop her work has made a shift to­wards the sublime.

In this new se­ries enti­tled “Colour Field”, Bubas re­leases arti­ficially coloured smoke into winter and summer landscapes. The results are beautiful and un­earthly. The neon clouds of colour are at times small and emergent, and at other times consume the landscape entirely. It is clear that ei­ther human inter­vention is at play, or some­thing oth­erworldly. The pres­ence of the smoke transforms the fa­mil­iar Vancouver landscapes into scenes of fiction that are dreamy, mys­te­rious, and captivating. However, the coloured smoke can also be dis­turb­ing and provocative.

Na­ture with its power and grand force in­stills within humank­ind the feel­ing of Sublim­ity. It is some­thing be­yond our con­trol, some­thing we can’t fully pre­dict, and yet some­thing we cannot live with­out. The Sublime comes forth in the clash be­tween our perceived dom­inance over na­ture, and our rev­er­ence of it. There is a conflict within these works that is both beautiful and out of place. This conflict high­lights the symbi­otic relation­ship be­tween nat­ural and manmade, caus­ing the viewer to reflect upon their relation­ship with na­ture, and the role it plays for human life.

Presented by No.9: Contemporary Art and the Environment Curated by Cara Said.

Images courtesy of the artist and the Monte Clark Gallery.