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Marc Audette:
Selections from La Ligne

July 17th, 2014 - December 15th, 2014

Marc Audette is a Canadian artist who studied at the University of Quebec in Hull and earned a Masters in Visual Arts from York University. Audette is a visual arts teacher at York University’s Glendon Campus, Curator of the Glendon Gallery, and is a member of Le Laboratoire (LE LABO). Audette is a multimedia visual artist working mainly with video and photography. Recurring themes in his work include nature, light, the human figure, and narrative. Audette’s work pushes the limits of a given reality through compositions that leave space for the imagination. Together, Audette’s medium and subject matter create a dichotomy between what each viewer sees, and the subjective narratives that are produced.

The works on display are selections from Audette’s series La Ligne. Selected works include: Castlegar, BC, 2012; Guerin, QC, 2013; Gatineau, QC, 2013; Nelson, BC, 2012; and Opasatika, ON, 2011. The images depict forests from across Canada with varying climates, flora, and fauna, lit up by a custom lighting installation that Audette carries with him into the landscape. The journey into the forest, difficulties of the terrain (density, water, swamps, insects), all affect where the artist chooses to stop. The process of arriving at the site is part of a larger experience that connects the artist with each location. Each seemingly ordinary landscape is transformed into something altogether mystifying by Audette’s installation. This mysterious feeling, paired with the occasional presence of a spectral human being, transforms each work into an intimate narrative between the subject and the setting, and the viewer and their own relationship to nature.

In each of these works, the subject is flat on the ground examining or becoming part of the landscape, there is a feeling of familiarity, and tenderness. The light becomes an expression of that intimacy, an embrace of the landscape. The focus here is not on human intervention or man versus nature, rather there seems to be the unfolding narrative of humanity’s need for green space. This work seems to emanate a connection between the human mind (or spirit), and nature, our place of tranquility, a relationship that must be preserved.

Photos courtesy of the artist and Pierre-Francois Ouellette Art Contemporain

Version Française

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