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Scott Conarroe:
Make a Move: Selections from By Rail

July 3, 2013 - December 15, 2013

Scott Conarroe is a Cana­dian artist born in Edmonton, who works in large-format landscape photog­raphy. Conarroe’s work is formal in its at­tention to fine detail and sharp clar­ity, and his subject mat­ter, of rural and urban settings from vast el­evated view­points, conjures social and cultur­al reflection. He works with a pensive eye and a knack for cap­tur­ing scenes that invoke mem­o­ries of the past, thoughts on the present, and hopes for the fu­ture.

The works on display are se­lections from Conarroe’s By Rail (2008) se­ries, a jour­ney tak­en on by the artist to doc­u­ment life along railways through­out Canada and the United States. In these se­lected im­ages we find vistas of both res­idential and rural envi­ron­ments. The res­idential im­ages portray life set up right along­side the tracks, while the rural im­ages display landscapes that have been di­vided by the railway that runs a long dis­tance to var­ious locations across the country. Of­ten lacking in the im­ages that make up this se­ries is the pres­ence of people and even trains.

In 2008 this se­ries doc­u­mented the vastly under­uti­lized infras­truc­ture of the railway systems in North America. It raised the question that if oth­er devel­oped nations were embrac­ing the social, eco­nom­ic, and envi­ron­mental ben­efits of expanding rail trans­port, why had the use of exis­t­ing North American railway systems di­min­ished? Today these im­ages find new footing as our cities make moves to embrace the ben­efits of this expan­sion, shifting the trans­portation of goods and pas­sen­gers off the roads and onto the tracks!

Scott Conarroe is rep­resented by Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto.

Presented by No.9: Contemporary Art and the Environment Curated by Cara Said.