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Scott McFarland:

December 16th, 2013 - June 15th, 2014

Scott McFar­land is a Cana­dian artist who stud­ied in Vancouver, and now lives and works in Toronto. McFar­land cre­ates large-format photographs combining film and dig­ital processes. His works present both re­ality and a fab­ricated ver­sion of re­ality by photograph­ing the same space nu­mer­ous times, and dig­itally con­trolling the final result by layering the im­ages togeth­er. While McFar­land’s work maintains a strict at­tention to formal photo­graph­ic detail, his process al­lows him to adopt cre­ative painterly qualities. These qualities come to life through al­terations of colour, and the juxtapo­sition of surre­al, pic­turesque, and oppos­ing vi­su­al im­agery. These have been known to come in the form of oppos­ing seasons, weath­er pat­terns, times of the day, or out of place char­ac­ters and objects. McFar­land’s pa­tient process of observation and doc­u­mentation al­lows him to paint a portrait of the setting, rather than present­ing a glimpse of it through one shutter-stop in time, leading to an enhanced perception of place.

The works on display are Cheltenham Bad­lands, Olde Base Line Rd, Caledon, Ontar­io 2011, and Wortley's Wiggle, Caledon Ski Club, Mis­sissauga Rd. Caledon, Ontar­io 2012. Both of these im­ages depict the Cana­dian tran­sition be­tween winter and spring. In these se­lected im­ages we find winter vistas that are rapidly tran­sition­ing into spring from one side of the im­age to the oth­er. In Wortley’s Wiggle, the speed of the tran­sition is made ev­ident by the skiers who are skiing to the bottom of the run at the same time as the snow disappears and spring be­gins.

In Canada the tran­sition from winter to spring is a welcomed, and cel­ebrated time. Spring marks the emergence from short days, and cold nights to a time of warmth, growth, rebirth and social activ­ity. These im­ages show our close relation­ship with na­ture, sparking thought on how the seasons di­rectly af­fect our lives, and guide our dai­ly habits. We think of how winter can be cel­ebrated, through col­lective activ­ities such as skiing, and cher­ish the warmth and freedom that spring seems to bring. But with­in these im­ages one can also be led to think about how quickly the snow is melting, and the very exis­tence and sustainability of our four seasons are brought to mind.

No.9 is an arts orga­ni­zation that uses art and design to bring awareness to envi­ron­mental concerns. We de­liv­er programs in schools and in the public domain designed to encour­age the use of cre­ative think­ing to re­solve envi­ron­mental issues and to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Presented by No.9: Contemporary Art and the Environment Curated by Cara Said.

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