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Folke Kobberling/Martin Kaltwasser:
Transit Kitchen

june 8, 2011 - august 15, 2011

The art project “Transit Kitchen” was cre­ated and devel­oped by Folke Kob­berling and Mar­tin Kaltwass­er, an artist duo from Berlin. It was commis­sioned by the Goethe-Institut and co-curated by No.9 and the Goethe-Institut. “Transit Kitchen” is an invi­tation to Torontoni­ans to analyze and deal with traff­ic, public transit, cycling, pede­s­trian move­ment, with the most recent devel­op­ments and attractive scenar­ios of their con­tinually more mobile metropo­lis, Toronto.

“Transit Kitchen”, on display at the Evergreen Brick Works for the summer of 2011, is a studio built by Kob­berling and Kaltwass­er, modeled after a TV cooking show. Dur­ing the live performances on June 1 and 2, 2011 at Union Station, local experts in everyday urban mobility and had the opportunity to cre­ate their own mobility recipes.

The concept behind “Transit Kitchen” is to pro­vide an opportunity for vision­ary, cre­ative, and open- minded Cana­dians to present their utopias, ideas and wishes regard­ing the future of munic­ipal trans­portation, public col­lective mobility, and move­ment cul­ture in Toronto. The resul­ting ‘mobility recipes’, presented in the form of lists of ingre­di­ents, recipes, dishes, cooking meth­ods and gourmet tips, is a new and innovative way to present solutions for a better urban lifestyle in Toronto.

“Transit Kitchen” has been moved to the Evergreen Brick Works, located in Building 16, and will be on display until August 15, 2011. The display will showcase the Union Station presentations as well as encour­age the public to cre­ate and submit their own mobility recipes. Please click the fol­lowing link for directions to the Evergreen Brickworks:­it/

For more information on Folke Kob­berling and Mar­tin Kaltwass­er please vis­it their site: