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T & T:
Everything's Gonna Be OK
Special Project for T.I.A.F.

October 3 - October 6, 2008

No.9 is pleased to be taking part in TIAF08 with a new commis­sion by T&T.

T&T is a collab­orative project by the young Cana­dian artists Tony Romano and Tyler Brett. T&T practices a wide range of experi­mental art activ­ities that connect archi­tec­ture, art history, sculp­ture, graphic design and music into a cohesive vision of an opti­mis­tic future. They combine humour, irony and fantasy with serious techno­logical and envi­ron­mental concerns to offer a pic­ture of a post-apoc­alyptic future constructed from famil­iar ele­ments of the recent past. Their Car­chi­tec­ture series of drawings and maque­ttes imag­ines a post-oil world where cars are best used as building blocks for a new society.

T&T's commis­sion for No.9 at TIAF is their first full-scale cre­ation of this imag­inative and unconventional ver­sion of sustainable design.