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65-Point Plan for Sustainable Living/
Grave Architecture

August 28 - December 30, 2009

Toronto Pear­son Airport, Gateway Gallery, Terminal 1 Depar­tures,
South of Air Canada Ticketing.
Exhi­bi­tion Curated by Tomas Jons­son

No. 9 Con­temporary Art and Envi­ron­ment in collab­oration with Greater Toronto Airport Author­ity (GTAA) is proud to present the work of Jeremy Drummond in the GTAA Gateway Gallery at Terminal 1.

Jeremy Drummond's “65-Point Plan for Sustainable Living” offers a birds-eye view of suburban communities from major cities in each province, territory and state in Canada and the United States. Although presented in general align­ment to their geo­graphic location, there is lit­tle else to suggest a struc­ture informed by its envi­ron­ment. Drummond fur­ther emphasizes this funda­mental disconnect by manip­u­lating the image. Each image portrays a single subdivi­sion that has been dig­itally reconstructed into an enclosed geo­graph­ical space. Removing external roadways and paths, the spaces become self-con­tained garrisons against their surroundings.

As recent events demonstrate, the suburbs have not been imper­vi­ous to the shifting eco­nomic tides. Images from Drummond’s lat­est "Grave Archi­tec­ture" series depict the future promise of proposed devel­op­ments that stand in stark con­trast to the reality of the burst real-estate bubble.

Drummond's images emphasize the unsustainable nature of these struc­tures, which are increas­ingly com­ing to terms with their tenuous and unre­alis­tic relation­ship to their surrounding eco­nomic and eco­logical supports. Unmoored from the source of their support these images suggest an aberrant typology in dramatic need of realign­ment.


Since 2005, Jeremy Drummond has been focused on the production of an extensive body of work enti­tled “Ev­erybody Knows This Is Nowhere”. This ongo­ing project incorporates var­ious media to reveal issues surrounding landscape devel­op­ment, cultural diversity, and mediated expe­ri­ence within con­temporary suburban envi­ron­ments. The project explores the relation­ship between people and their envi­ron­ment, both on an inti­mate level and a grand scale.

Jeremy Drummond is a Cana­dian artist and curator currently living in Richmond, Vir­ginia. In 1999, he received a BFA in Studio Arts from the Uni­versity of West­ern Ontario and in 2003, a MFA in Art Media Stud­ies from Syracuse Uni­versity. His work has been exhib­ited widely in fes­tivals, gal­leries and muse­ums through­out North America, South America, Europe and Asia. He is rep­resented by ADA Gallery and teaches in the Depart­ment of Art & Art History at the Uni­versity of Richmond (Richmond, VA).