This spring No.9 has been hired by the Tsi Tyonnhéht Onkwawén:na (TTO) to help develop and establish a new language and culture centre. This centre would help preserve the Kanyen'kéha culture and language. To begin the process, No.9 educators and designers worked with local students to facilitate a 6'X6' scaled model of the vision for the project. Using what they learned about the 9 Pillars of Sustainability, students researched and explored a potential site for the project, spoke with and listened to local community leaders and other stakeholders, and deliberated on the best facility that could serve the community.

The model was presented to the Band Council and the local councillor by the TTO and through its detailed vision, the Band Council has agreed to lease the proposed property for 5 years to the TTO so that they can fully establish the Kanyen'kéha Language and Culture Centre.

The aerial view of the masterplan is vaguely zoomorphic, but ambiguous enough that it is subject to diverse interpretation. The students and teachers chose powerful symbols within their culture to inspire the plan, such as the turtle and the wampun belt that weaves through. These symbols are important as they help preserve the culture and language of the Kenyan'kéha people. The two following photos show more detailed structures such as the lacrosse field, an Indigenous Longhouse, cook house, language school, natural playground, administration and exhibition spaces that create community.

This project will be developed in phases with No.9 conducting a feasibility report for phase one.