No.9 is an arts orga­ni­zation that uses art and design to bring awareness to envi­ron­mental concerns. We deliv­er programs in schools and in the public domain designed to encour­age the use of cre­ative think­ing to resolve envi­ron­mental issues and to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Executive Director Statement
No.9 is dedicated to empowering youth to lead a revolution in building sustainable communities. We do this through providing access to unique facilities like No.9 Gardens, through online public art activation programs, and through our award-winning online community design workshop Imagining My Sustainable Community. Since 2006, we have delivered over 30 major public art exhibitions and delivered educational workshops to over 4,000 elementary students. With the launch of No.9 Gardens we have established a rural Sustainability Centre. This facility will showcase the latest in sustainable building while also providing unique hands-on educational opportunities to students.

No.9 Eco­logical Lit­eracy Out­reach Educational Program
By introducing students to the 9 pillars of building a sustainable community No.9 empowers youth to take action against climate change. If our expectation is for the cre­ative class of the next generation to drive the new green econ­o­my then our objective must be to take on the responsibility of pro­viding that generation with the nec­essary tools to do so. A cre­ative work force pre­pared to deal with the envi­ron­mental chal­lenges of the 21st centu­ry will be realized through extensive and per­vasive education in integrated eco­logical lit­eracy.

No.9's public art programs
Art is the expe­ri­ence of perceiving, and this expe­ri­ence can help lead to a pos­itive glob­al vision of a sustainable future.

Art is the expe­ri­ence of perceiving, in which ones imag­ination is stim­ulated, person­al cre­ativ­ity is nur­tured and innovative thought is provoked. Public Art is the communal ver­sion of this expe­ri­ence and can act as a cat­a­lyst for cultur­al dia­logue and change. As a society we are currently driv­en by the desire for a lifestyle of per­pet­ual growth that is not socially or envi­ron­mentally sustainable. Vision­ary voic­es are needed to inspire a cultur­al shift towards a glob­al sustainable lifestyle. No.9's mis­sion is to pro­vide the public forum and support for these voic­es so that pos­itive envi­ron­mental change can occur.

No.9's charitable registration number is 84827 6986 RR0001.

“Participating in Imagining My Sustainable City changed my life by showing me that I can change where I live and that I can have an affect on the future.”