Today’s youth and their ability to imagine is our best hope for a better future. No. 9 wants to tap the unbridled potential that lies in the creative minds of the next generation to find solutions to building more sustainable communities.

Our vision is to empower youth to lead a revolution in creating sustainable communities.

All of our programming is embedded with:





We believe that:

Youth can be changemakers in improving the health of our planet. 

Teaching youth about sustainable communities equips them with the skills to enter a green economy. 

Innovation begins with Imagination.

Teaching youth practical skills while empowering them to think out-of-the box can lead to innovative change.

Hands-on education is essential to learning.

Not only can kids grasp complex ideas, but if we provide them with the proper canvas, they can learn and create amazing things. 

Sustainable living does not need to be boring.

Art, design, music, architecture and coming together to celebrate are all key elements in a culture of sustainability.
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