Today’s youth are our future. They will soon lead the world, and we want to help them change it for the better.

Through our immersive, hands-on educational programs, we empower youth to transform their communities, challenging and inspiring them to lead the revolution of sustainable cities across the country. Cities that are vibrant and human friendly, that are enduring with a resilient local economy and an engaged community.

Imagine My Sustainable Community is a four day program for Grade 7 and 8 students that brings a unique, real-life approach to environmental awareness. The program is interactive and designed to motivate and engage students in STEM + ART (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics).

With an understanding and interest in STEM+ART our future leaders can tackle some of the issues Canada faces today:


  • Achieving economic social and environmental balance.
  • Reducing greenhouse gases through innovative solutions.


  • Building strong, resilient relationships between Indigenous communities and all Canadians, based on mutual recognition and respect.

Our program addresses existing core subjects, and integrates itself into school curricula. We work within the educational scope and expand on relevant concepts that are key to the growth and prosperity of our communities.

  • Science – understanding life systems and interactions in the environment, structural strength, stability and heat.
  • Geography – natural resources.
  • Visual Art – 2 and 3D design, mixed media drawing, sketching and scale model building.
  • Math – number sense and numeration, scale, ratio and measurement.
  • Language Arts – writing, oral communication, and media studies.

Encouraging students to set goals for post secondary school will increase their odds of graduating and make them more likely to be financially independent and secure.


Imagine My Sustainable Community is designed to energize learning around sustainability and help to build creativity and innovation among young Canadians. No.9 architect educators work together with teachers to empower middle school students to think about sustainable living solutions and strong communities.

Teacher Testimonial

Imagining My Sustainable City / Gordon A. Brown Middle School 2012-2013

“ Once more allow us at Gordon A. Brown Middle School to thank you for your patience and diligence in working with the children of 7B. They have experienced a process that will impact them for the rest of their lives. The message of the interdependence and inter-connectedness of life, hence, the responsibility we have for the environment and each other has been registered with each and everyone of the participants. No.9 delivers!”

- Amah Harris Grade 7 Teacher
Gordon A. Brown Middle School

Our program:

  • Fills a much-needed gap to provide programming that delivers STEM+ART and ecology literacy.
  • Satisfies required curriculum in Grade 7 in the areas of science, math, geography, visual art and language art.
  • Provides an opportunity for discussion around sustainability and reconciliation
  • Provides a hands-on approach that introduces students to today’s pressing environmental issues and sustainable practices.
  • Inspires students to become the next genera t ion of entrepreneurs, engineers, architects and city planners.
  • Nurturescreativity and innovation among students, empowering them to find sustainable living solutions.