Our vision is simple – we want to expand Imagining My Sustainable Community to reach more students, inspire innovation, nurture creativity, and create change.

We will continue to build on our successful partnerships and collaborations to grow the program to reach more schools in new and existing markets.

Expansion Map

By the end of 2020, Imagining My Sustainable Community will have reached another 3,000 students across five cities.

Expansion Map

“Our program helps change the future and provides results that make a difference to partners, supporters, students and the community.”


To achieve our vision of having Imagining My Sustainable Community in five major Canadian centres by 2020, we have a fundraising goal of $5 million over three years. This will fund the expansion and delivery of Imagining Our Sustainable Community, which will also include an overarching theme of reconciliation to build relationships between the Indigenous population and the rest Canada.

Supporting Imagining My Sustainable Community is a rewarding and inspiring charitable experience. Through strong leadership, hands-on programming and engaging partnerships, we offer a world-class education for youth in sustainable community development. Over the next few years, we will continue to build our partnerships with:

  • Teachers who recognize the power of the program as a vehicle for curriculum delivery.
  • Students, and future leaders, who learn how to apply their creativity to find innovative, sustainable solutions.
  • Architects that are motivated by the thought of inspiring a future generation.
  • Business and community leaders that hold similar values and are working towards positive social change.