Soil & Water: Reconnecting For Our Health


Join us on March 4th, from 7pm to 8:30pm EST for a virtual workshop with nature and human health expert Jenna Thornber!

In this workshop, Jenna will cover how human health and environmental health are connected through soil, food and water, and what solutions exist to ensure we create change and build a more sustainable future.

Jenna Thornber holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical and Health Education with a specialization in Outdoor Adventure Leadership as well as a Masters of Education in Sustainability, Creativity and Innovation. For her masters final project, she designed an online course focused on the interconnection between human health and environmental health through the lens of regenerative agriculture.

Jenna is also the host of the ReJenerate podcast, where she talks with sustainability experts exploring the regenerative movement in all areas of life to reconnect us back to the natural environment, revitalize our health, and re-imagine our social systems.


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“I have devoted my time to better understanding this connection through my research into water and soil more deeply. I am an experiential educator and have led trips at the university level to Iceland, Norway, and Malawi focused on topics such as eco-health and health promotion. I have been working at an academic institution for the last 6 years and growing my own regenerative brand with a podcast and educational workshops. I am a regenerative pathfinder that is constantly learning more about our food system, water system, and nature's intelligence.”

- Jenna Thornber