Mass transit allows for the movement of people quickly and efficiently. New ways of transporting people decreases carbon emissions and connects large groups of people to their city. Transportation hubs create opportunities for increased residential, business and retail density as it allows many people to access the area easily and efficiently. It also decreases the neighbourhood residents’ need for individual vehicles. Public transportation reduces carbon emissions by limiting the amount of vehicles on the road, thereby contributing to energy conservation.


A city that provides its residents with safe walking and biking opportunities benefits the environment by decreasing the reliance on cars while contributing to the health and enjoyment of the city’s residents. Safe, walkable streets enhance a city’s cultural and social vitality. Increased foot traffic along neighbourhood streets promotes safety and brings life to the street. Small businesses, galleries and restaurants have the opportunity to thrive when easily accessed by foot and public transportation.


As the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains, we provide the transportation solutions of tomorrow that drive value by addressing mobility needs, while respecting the planet and people. By conducting our business in collaboration with and to the benefit of our stakeholders, we create the conditions for engaged talent, constant innovation and ecoefficient products and services that shape The Evolution of Mobility. This is how we move forward, responsibly.

Based on our global experience, we believe that sustainable transportation is the heart of economic growth and development. Sustainability is therefore a fundamental part of how we think, how we conduct our business and how we identify growth opportunities.

Every day, close to 1.5 million Ontarians rely on Bombardier rail vehicles to make their daily commute on the Toronto Subway and Streetcar systems, the Ottawa O-Train light rail system, or on GO transit’s commuter rail network. Bombardier’s goal is to continuously find better ways to bridge distances and bring people together. Across cities, countries and the globe.