No.9 Gardens is launching a 2021 Workshop Series for a Sustainable World, including online and in-person educational opportunities about Sustainable Living and Food Systems. These workshops will help you to learn how to grow your own food, the importance of soil health, cooking with produce from our garden, and self sufficiency skills.

Our address for in-person workshops is 1516 Summers Road, Rideau Lakes, ON K0E 1N0.

Your registration directly supports our programs and helps us fulfill our mission of empowering youth and the public to lead a revolution in building sustainable communities. No.9 Gardens is focused on educating people about the importance of a strong, local, resilient food system. We work with Volunteers to grow fresh nutritious produce for those most in need. Below is a list of our offered workshops in 2021 with more details and registration information.

Email if you have any questions. 

Vegetable Seedlings in the Garden: Timing, Spacing and Care (Virtual)

Wednesday April 28, 7pm – 8pm EST

Educator: Susie Everding with Tracey Filson on Q&A.

Summary: They say timing is everything and this certainly applies to vegetable growing. With a little bit of planning, preparation and your favourite calendar in hand, you can create a foodscape to remember. In this workshop, you will learn about direct seeding, transplanting seedlings, and making the most of a short Canadian growing season - techniques garnered from years of refining and adapting ideas for the home garden. You will also learn some of the planting, mulching and watering tips that have helped create productive and beautiful vegetable gardens in both rural and urban settings. Grab your gardening gloves and get ready to dig!


Edible Foraging

June – August (TBD)

1 hr in-person workshop by Rideau Thousand Island Master Gardeners

Soil Health: Why is Organic Matter so Important to Plant Health

June 6 at 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Educator: Astrid Muschalla with Rideau Thousand Island Master Gardeners

Location: 1516 Summers Road, Rideau Lakes, ON K0E 1N0

More information and to Register coming soon!


Soil & Water: Reconnecting For Our Health (Virtual)

Thursday March 4, 7pm – 8:30pm EST

For our first virtual interactive workshop, Jenna Thornber will be discussing how human health and environment health are connected through soil, food and water. @jennathornber is the host of the ReJenerate podcast and holds a Masters of Education in Sustainability, Creativity and Innovation.

Spring is in the Air - Start Your Seeds Today (online event)

Wednesday March 24, 7pm – 8:00pm EST

Educators: Cathy Christie (Kingston Area Seed System) and Tracey Filson (Rideau Thousand Island Master Gardeners)

Summary: Spring is in the air! Start planning your food garden to include locally sourced, open-pollinated seeds. In this workshop you will learn how easy it is to plan your food garden to include seed saving. We want you to feel more comfortable growing local, healthy food and seeds in the space that you have. Bring your dreams and your questions and we will work together to help you decide what you want to plant, how much you want to plant, where to source your seeds and how to start seedlings in a safe and supportive environment.





Plant Identification & Foraging Walk with Blair Richards-Koeslag

Saturday March 27, 2021, 11:00am – 12:30pm and 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Educator: Blair Richards-Koeslag, PINA certified Permaculture teacher and a Chartered Herbalist.

Summary: Learn to identify tree species before they have fully leafed out, look at buds and bark, explore the herbal medicines and wild foods that are available throughout the winter. Find clues as to what will be sprouting in the spring and little bits of green peeking out from under the melting snow. We live in a world of wild food and medicine just waiting for us to notice. It's everywhere.